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how to set up limit switches in Grbl

Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Bruce Wayne, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Bruce Wayne


    Mar 1, 2017
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    I am new to programming Grbl. I need to set up my limit switches, I have 4 total switches, 2 for X and 2 for Y. I built a laser engraver by written instruction. I do not know what information I need to type to set them up. I am trying to learn how to program so please bare with me. My limit switches, when the trigger is touched blink, I have one for each axis (X & Y) one in + and one in - for each, total of 4.
    Thank You for anyones help.
    Bruce Wayne
  2. Giarc

    Giarc OpenBuilds Team
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    Jan 24, 2015
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    My advice to everyone when using GRBL based controllers is to thoroughly read the GRBL wiki and refer to it often. It discusses all these things and will save a lot of time and confusion for people new to using GRBL based CNC machines. Here is a link to the limit switch portion. Wiring Limit Switches · gnea/grbl Wiki · GitHub
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