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How satisfied are you? share your thoughts on quality of belt drives

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Florian Bauereisen, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Florian Bauereisen

    Florian Bauereisen Well-Known

    Feb 24, 2014
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    Hi all,
    bit of a strange title, but i have to beg your pardon, i am not a native english speaker.

    I really need a bigger cnc, but beeing honest i am spoiled by the sheer quality of my tiny one. ( hiwin rails all round, thk precision ballscrews...)

    I need the big one mainly in order to cut wood but quite regulary i cut aluminum and 3d jobs for moulds as well.
    The latter one just once in a while, but still i would miss the ability to do quality 3d jobs if a replacement would not give satisfying results. Precision is most important on these parts.

    I could of course build/buy a standard gantry mill using leadscrews but the thought of the cost effectiveness on a belt system wont let me go...
    So i have set out and started on a design for a belt driven cnc... but still i am hesistant about taking the plunge...

    There is no need for the machine to take 2kw or bigger spindles or suchlike in fact i would like to reuse my 800 hf spindle - comparable with the kress 1050 to give you an impression how strong it would need to be in the end... no need for overkill.

    So within this threat i would like you to share your experience with the belt driven routers.
    -How bad/ good is the belt-stretch over time? - would you recomend using a bigger belt in hindsight. ( i know of the "belt on belt drive / rack and gear" - and will make use of it -but i ask about the original setup specifically.)
    -precision/ repeatability of your parts
    -would you recomend to use some "gearing" for the steppers, in order to increase torque and precision - or stay direct driven?
    -system regitity... do you think an "OX"- like machine is rigrid enough for fast 3d jobs or will it wobble off the table? ( thinking aprox 7000 mm/min in mdf as my buddy uses- in order not to mill for ages on bigger parts)
    - anything adittional.
    - would you do it again - or use ballscrews in future and why so?

    My new design would use linear rails compared to v- or ball races, so no tips needet in that direction.

    Thanks for your thoughts

    greets from munich, bavaria


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