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Help needed for CNC OX

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by usafsoc, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. usafsoc

    usafsoc New

    Apr 28, 2017
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    Hello!! This is my first post as I have run into a bit of an issue and I am reaching out for help. I have posted a youtube link of my problem in hopes that it helps you understand what exactly is going on.

    I have a CNC OX DIY kit that I built and have pretty much all complete. I have the machine in working order manually and everything appears to be perfect. I have watched numerous videos online during the build and also the ones that help with the settings and setup. I have tried to match the same as others that have built this machine so I have a simple and easy base line. Now where the fun starts.

    I initially start with the touch plate. I use the widget in Chilipeppr and it works perfect as it should. The calibration portion that is. However, when I start to send the G-code, the router bit does not get even close to the work surface. So I assume it is not calculating the distance from the router bit to the work surface correctly.

    The second issue that I am having, as you will see in the video, is just a simple circle. It is making a very long oval shape when it begins.

    The third issue is how much it is jumping around when I begin the project. I have include all my TinyG V8 information from Chilipeppr if that helps as well.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to assist.




    [fb] firmware build 440.20
    [fv] firmware version 0.97
    [hp] hardware platform 1.00
    [hv] hardware version 0.00
    [id] TinyG ID 5W3249-FTV
    [ja] junction acceleration 100000 mm
    [ct] chordal tolerance 0.0100 mm
    [sl] soft limit enable 0
    [st] switch type 0 [0=NO,1=NC]
    [mt] motor idle timeout 2.00 Sec
    [ej] enable json mode 0 [0=text,1=JSON]
    [jv] json verbosity 4 [0=silent,1=footer,2=messages,3=configs,4=linenum,5=verbose]
    [js] json serialize style 1 [0=relaxed,1=strict]
    [tv] text verbosity 1 [0=silent,1=verbose]
    [qv] queue report verbosity 1 [0=off,1=single,2=triple]
    [sv] status report verbosity 1 [0=off,1=filtered,2=verbose]
    [si] status interval 250 ms
    [ec] expand LF to CRLF on TX 0 [0=off,1=on]
    [ee] enable echo 0 [0=off,1=on]
    [ex] enable flow control 1 [0=off,1=XON/XOFF, 2=RTS/CTS]
    [baud] USB baud rate 5 [1=9600,2=19200,3=38400,4=57600,5=115200,6=230400]
    [net] network mode 0 [0=master]
    [gpl] default gcode plane 0 [0=G17,1=G18,2=G19]
    [gun] default gcode units mode 1 [0=G20,1=G21]
    [gco] default gcode coord system 1 [1-6 (G54-G59)]
    [gpa] default gcode path control 2 [0=G61,1=G61.1,2=G64]
    [gdi] default gcode distance mode 0 [0=G90,1=G91]
    [1ma] m1 map to axis 2 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z...]
    [1sa] m1 step angle 1.800 deg
    [1tr] m1 travel per revolution 60.0000 mm
    [1mi] m1 microsteps 8 [1,2,4,8]
    [1po] m1 polarity 1 [0=normal,1=reverse]
    [1pm] m1 power management 3 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
    [2ma] m2 map to axis 1 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z...]
    [2sa] m2 step angle 1.800 deg
    [2tr] m2 travel per revolution 60.0000 mm
    [2mi] m2 microsteps 8 [1,2,4,8]
    [2po] m2 polarity 1 [0=normal,1=reverse]
    [2pm] m2 power management 3 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
    [3ma] m3 map to axis 1 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z...]
    [3sa] m3 step angle 1.800 deg
    [3tr] m3 travel per revolution 60.0000 mm
    [3mi] m3 microsteps 8 [1,2,4,8]
    [3po] m3 polarity 0 [0=normal,1=reverse]
    [3pm] m3 power management 3 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
    [4ma] m4 map to axis 0 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z...]
    [4sa] m4 step angle 1.800 deg
    [4tr] m4 travel per revolution 8.0000 mm
    [4mi] m4 microsteps 4 [1,2,4,8]
    [4po] m4 polarity 0 [0=normal,1=reverse]
    [4pm] m4 power management 3 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
    [xam] x axis mode 1 [standard]
    [xvm] x velocity maximum 800 mm/min
    [xfr] x feedrate maximum 800 mm/min
    [xtn] x travel minimum 0.000 mm
    [xtm] x travel maximum 550.000 mm
    [xjm] x jerk maximum 5000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
    [xjh] x jerk homing 10000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
    [xjd] x junction deviation 0.0100 mm (larger is faster)
    [xsn] x switch min 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [xsx] x switch max 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [xsv] x search velocity 3000 mm/min
    [xlv] x latch velocity 100 mm/min
    [xlb] x latch backoff 20.000 mm
    [xzb] x zero backoff 3.000 mm
    [yam] y axis mode 1 [standard]
    [yvm] y velocity maximum 800 mm/min
    [yfr] y feedrate maximum 800 mm/min
    [ytn] y travel minimum 0.000 mm
    [ytm] y travel maximum 760.000 mm
    [yjm] y jerk maximum 5000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
    [yjh] y jerk homing 10000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
    [yjd] y junction deviation 0.0100 mm (larger is faster)
    [ysn] y switch min 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [ysx] y switch max 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [ysv] y search velocity 3000 mm/min
    [ylv] y latch velocity 100 mm/min
    [ylb] y latch backoff 20.000 mm
    [yzb] y zero backoff 3.000 mm
    [zam] z axis mode 1 [standard]
    [zvm] z velocity maximum 800 mm/min
    [zfr] z feedrate maximum 800 mm/min
    [ztn] z travel minimum 0.000 mm
    [ztm] z travel maximum 41.000 mm
    [zjm] z jerk maximum 50 mm/min^3 * 1 million
    [zjh] z jerk homing 1000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
    [zjd] z junction deviation 0.0100 mm (larger is faster)
    [zsn] z switch min 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [zsx] z switch max 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [zsv] z search velocity 3000 mm/min
    [zlv] z latch velocity 100 mm/min
    [zlb] z latch backoff 20.000 mm
    [zzb] z zero backoff 3.000 mm
    [aam] a axis mode 3 [radius]
    [avm] a velocity maximum 230400 deg/min
    [afr] a feedrate maximum 230400 deg/min
    [atn] a travel minimum -1.000 deg
    [atm] a travel maximum -1.000 deg
    [ajm] a jerk maximum 5760 deg/min^3 * 1 million
    [ajh] a jerk homing 11520 deg/min^3 * 1 million
    [ajd] a junction deviation 0.0500 deg (larger is faster)
    [ara] a radius value 0.1990 deg
    [asn] a switch min 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [asx] a switch max 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
    [asv] a search velocity 600 deg/min
    [alv] a latch velocity 100 deg/min
    [alb] a latch backoff 5.000 deg
    [azb] a zero backoff 2.000 deg
    [bam] b axis mode 0 [disabled]
    [bvm] b velocity maximum 3600 deg/min
    [bfr] b feedrate maximum 3600 deg/min
    [btn] b travel minimum -1.000 deg
    [btm] b travel maximum -1.000 deg
    [bjm] b jerk maximum 20 deg/min^3 * 1 million
    [bjd] b junction deviation 0.0500 deg (larger is faster)
    [bra] b radius value 1.0000 deg
    [cam] c axis mode 0 [disabled]
    [cvm] c velocity maximum 3600 deg/min
    [cfr] c feedrate maximum 3600 deg/min
    [ctn] c travel minimum -1.000 deg
    [ctm] c travel maximum -1.000 deg
    [cjm] c jerk maximum 20 deg/min^3 * 1 million
    [cjd] c junction deviation 0.0500 deg (larger is faster)
    [cra] c radius value 1.0000 deg
    [p1frq] pwm frequency 5000 Hz
    [p1csl] pwm cw speed lo 0 RPM
    [p1csh] pwm cw speed hi 10000 RPM
    [p1cpl] pwm cw phase lo 0.000 [0..1]
    [p1cph] pwm cw phase hi 1.000 [0..1]
    [p1wsl] pwm ccw speed lo 0 RPM
    [p1wsh] pwm ccw speed hi 10000 RPM
    [p1wpl] pwm ccw phase lo 0.125 [0..1]
    [p1wph] pwm ccw phase hi 0.200 [0..1]
    [p1pof] pwm phase off 0.000 [0..1]
    [g54x] g54 x offset 0.000 mm
    [g54y] g54 y offset 0.000 mm
    [g54z] g54 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g54a] g54 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g54b] g54 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g54c] g54 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g55x] g55 x offset 75.000 mm
    [g55y] g55 y offset 75.000 mm
    [g55z] g55 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g55a] g55 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g55b] g55 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g55c] g55 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g56x] g56 x offset 0.000 mm
    [g56y] g56 y offset 0.000 mm
    [g56z] g56 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g56a] g56 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g56b] g56 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g56c] g56 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g57x] g57 x offset 0.000 mm
    [g57y] g57 y offset 0.000 mm
    [g57z] g57 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g57a] g57 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g57b] g57 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g57c] g57 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g58x] g58 x offset 0.000 mm
    [g58y] g58 y offset 0.000 mm
    [g58z] g58 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g58a] g58 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g58b] g58 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g58c] g58 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g59x] g59 x offset 0.000 mm
    [g59y] g59 y offset 0.000 mm
    [g59z] g59 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g59a] g59 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g59b] g59 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g59c] g59 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g92x] g92 x offset 0.000 mm
    [g92y] g92 y offset 0.000 mm
    [g92z] g92 z offset 0.000 mm
    [g92a] g92 a offset 0.000 deg
    [g92b] g92 b offset 0.000 deg
    [g92c] g92 c offset 0.000 deg
    [g28x] g28 x position 0.000 mm
    [g28y] g28 y position 0.000 mm
    [g28z] g28 z position 0.000 mm
    [g28a] g28 a position 0.000 deg
    [g28b] g28 b position 0.000 deg
    [g28c] g28 c position 0.000 deg
    [g30x] g30 x position 0.000 mm
    [g30y] g30 y position 0.000 mm
    [g30z] g30 z position 0.000 mm
    [g30a] g30 a position 0.000 deg
    [g30b] g30 b position 0.000 deg
    [g30c] g30 c position 0.000 deg
    tinyg [mm] ok>
  2. Fred Quarles

    Fred Quarles Well-Known

    Oct 26, 2015
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    I don't have an OX but I have used the tinyg since day one, looks like you have the m1 and m4 setting reversed. Also, why 4 micro steps on the m4? Of course I don't know how you have the motors actually wired...
  3. usafsoc

    usafsoc New

    Apr 28, 2017
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    Thank you gentleman!! I will have a look at that today after work. I matched the settings with those off of YouTube. SMW3D is the company I believe. He may have had it set up differently then mine. However, he said they were the basic settings to get the ball rolling. Still have to learn the fine tuning. I really appreciate your input. Thanks again!
  4. Giarc

    Giarc OpenBuilds Team
    Staff Member Moderator Builder Resident Builder

    Jan 24, 2015
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    Here is a calculator for figuring out the steps/mm you need for your system. RepRap Calculator - Prusa Printers

    After you have calculated your steps/mm for your combination of belts and pulleys, or screws, put the results into your controller. It should be much more accurate and no longer give you ovals. When this is done, calibrate the machine using this formula:
    (Commanded distance/Measured distance) * Calculated Steps/mm = New steps/mm
    This is a short video I made showing the process. There are other videos, too but since this is mine, I knew where to quickly find it.

  5. Gary Caruso

    Gary Caruso OpenBuilds Volunteer
    Staff Member Moderator Builder

    May 19, 2016
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    you have x and Y both set at 60mm per rev, so it should be roughly circular, I think you are stalled out on the Y (dual steppers) and stuttering on the X (gantry) either not high enough current setting/adjustment or wheels are too tight
  6. usafsoc

    usafsoc New

    Apr 28, 2017
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    Guys, your help just made my first cut (simple circle) and it turned out perfect. I apparently didn't complete the entire calibration before running it. The settings to the steps/m were adjusted utilizing the calculator, measuring, and watching the video and I was successful.

    Thanks once again to everyone!!
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