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Have a movable limit switch trigger the next line of code?

Discussion in 'Control Software' started by Thomas Miller, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Thomas Miller


    Sep 13, 2016
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    Using PlanetCNC MK3/4 controller, 'CNC USB Controller' software.

    So I've got a tool that has to extend a measurement probe out to a cotton bale to take a reading, then retract, then raise, then take another reading, ... Here's an earlier prototype video to give you a better idea if that makes no sense You can see I have that measurement probe and a limit switch mocked up that would trigger when it comes in contact with the bale.

    So,what I need is extend X til you hit a limit switch, wait a second for the probe to take the measurement, move to the next line/layer (retract X, raise Y), rinse/repeat 4x then return home and await next start command.

    Right now the closest I can get to that is pauses, but after the pause ends it would just keep extending forward instead of moving to the next line (retract), I suppose obviously pauses aren't what I'm looking for

    Thank you for helping with this.

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