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Hardware issue? Where to start looking?

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by vortexblue, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. vortexblue


    Nov 2, 2015
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    I just recently assembled my 1000 x 1500 ox, and I've run into some frustration calibrating it.

    1000mm X, 1500mm Y
    CNC Xpro controller with heatsinks and fan
    24v Openbuilds power supply
    BlueOx mounts/ plates
    Single GT3 belts
    Dewalt 611 router
    1/8" 2 flute downcut endmill
    Vectric Aspire
    The machine will be used to cut/ route .093" ABS sheets, and wood.

    I've adjusted the steps so that I can ask for 1000mm in the Y and it gives me 1000mm (no load).
    Same with the X; I ask for 800mm and I get 800mm.

    After that, I tried to build a small part out of acrylic, but the dimensions are all off:
    -Holes should be 4mm; actual measurement is 3.6/3.7mm ovals
    -X dimension should be 130mm, actual measurement 128.3mm
    -Y dimension should be 80mm, actual measurement 79.6mm
    -Slots have 'bulbous' ends
    -some holes are not where they should be at all (lower right!)
    -First hole cut was the lower slot - see the weird mark on the right?

    I cut the part several times adjusting the speeds and cutting style, but nothing seemed to work well. I'm less concerned with finish right now as I am improving the accuracy.

    Currently, the Y rails are only attached by their ends in the traditional OX style with Blue Ox 5x4 end plates. I suspect there might be lateral movement there, but I cannot see it.

    Any suggestions on what to adjust / tweak next?


    This part came from the space under the router head.

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