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Good-by to NWRepRap

Discussion in '3D printers' started by stargeezer, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. stargeezer

    stargeezer Journeyman

    Feb 20, 2015
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    I always hate to hear about any small business calling it quits, maybe because I've been there, maybe it's just hard to hear of anybody giving up on a dream. But fortunately none of the normal causes seem to be the case with NW RepRap. According to a entry on his site, Aaron is moving into computer programming full time. Adjust dream one to pursue dream 2. A very good thing.

    My first entry into the world of 3d printers began with one of Aarons Pursa i3 kits about 3 years ago. I found him after searching the web for instructions on how to build a 3d printer and nobody had as clear a step by step instructions on YouTube for constructing the little beastie. His videos sold me on buying from him. I thought that if a person cared enough to spend the weeks that it must have took, he was a person I could trust to help me out if I got in over my head. Kinda like a Mark (and many others) we all know.

    I was right on with every point, Aaron was prompt to answer my emails and when I needed some clarification, he called me back at once. The printer was to be a gift for my son, who was not interested in building one. I'm happy to say he is turning into a first class Maker as a direct result of his exposure to building that kit with me. At last count he now has 4 3d printers and two CNC Routers all because of Aarons kit.

    So I guess it's so long for now Aaron, I wish you all the very best my friend, where ever your journey leads you.


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