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Few builds. I need hand too please..

Discussion in '3D Printing Projects' started by THE LINK, Jul 22, 2017.


    THE LINK New

    Apr 30, 2017
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    I would like as much help as possible with my builds.
    I started out buying a anet a8 and a tronxy x1, wasnt happy. So I had a look around and decided to build diy.
    I have come to a stand still purely on 1 or 2 things, plates and trapezoidals. If I buy enoight to do both my printers, it would cost more then ive put in already, and I literally have everything now.

    Im thinking if I goto spend like that I well as just go mini mill/cnc for aluminium bits and bobs.

    What can I do woth 2020? I have 16pcs 500mm. I have put them together as a wilson TS but the price of trapzoidals put me off the hole build aswell as the mounts.

    Let me know if theres a already established frame please or if theres any frame only options I can buy as I have a ton of nema 23, 17 and 14s.

    I coud of swore I seen openbuilds have a frame for £100 ish but cant find it.

    If any ones in the UK who can give hand with making plates and mounts, give me a inbox.

    Is the a list with size for a C beam build?
    I was reading we can use normal threaded rod and I had a pal go shop and grab some. I got alot lol but 12mm with like 2mm lead? will that be ok for a axis?

    I will update this thread as and when I progress but for now I really need other options for Z axis too.

    Is there a way for me to source them delrin wheels for bearings? Will bearing alone be ok rinning against the aluminium? Im thinking put a belt inbetween the extrusion to allow the bare bearing run smoothly over sourcing delrin wheels. Delrins wear down to and Im thinking cnc buy once deal. I have a few bars and thinking 2 builds but Im sure I could do smaller cncs. Need some motivation.


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