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DSP Conversion

Discussion in 'Laser Cutters' started by Robert.sims, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. Robert.sims

    Robert.sims Well-Known

    Jan 22, 2014
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    Hi All
    I hope someone out there can help me please.
    I am building a laser cutter/engraver based on the Bdring model with maker slides and v slot rollers.
    I have had this working with
    New DSP CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine LCD Motion Controller System PH3
    New DSP CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Machine LCD Motion Controller System PH3 | eBay

    I am trying to set up this board but I am not having much luck.
    If I switch on the machine the x and the y axis go to the home postion fine.
    but if I try to move the zxis with the arrow buttons on the machine or the software I somtimes get a jerk then nothing.or I get no movement at all.
    I am trying to setup the parameters but with no luck I came across this page

    dsp:dsp_controller [Buildlog.net Wiki]

    but the file that is mentioned there will not load into the progamme.
    Can anyone help please.


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