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DQ542MA settings for NEMA23 High Tork motors

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by Srednasoft, May 4, 2020.

  1. Srednasoft


    Jul 24, 2017
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    I’m not sure about the dip switch settings on the DQ542MA stepper driver, regarding the Amps settings for the motor. My motors are the NEMA23 MT-2315HS300AW and the specs says that it uses 3.0 Amps/Phase. Is that peak or RMS? The table on the stepper driver has columns for peak and RMS. Highest selection is Peak 4.2/RMS 3.0

    The pulse/rev settings is another matter. I have read that 1600 is a correct/good setting for this motor?

    The third issue is the two motors for the Y-axis. They have each a DQ542MA stepper driver. Are they both going to be connected to the Y on the controller card or do I activate the 4th axis option (A-axis on my CNC Phoenix controller by Hayri Uygur)

    So, will my 24V 350W 14.6A powersupply handle this configuration?

    D41672D7-8676-41B5-AB20-B7060A4C61E7.jpeg 09F12B34-532D-493E-90B9-46368B2269CC.jpeg C219F9CE-595C-4DCF-A0C0-6EB3340922BD.jpeg image.jpg
  2. Peter Van Der Walt

    Peter Van Der Walt OpenBuilds Team
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    Mar 1, 2017
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    Set it to 2.37A to begin (no one needs 100% current, it just heats the motors up more than needed)

    SW1 OFF
    SW2 OFF
    SW3 ON
    SW4 ON (Half current switch, if you set it off then 2.84/2 = 1.42A)

    1/8th (our machine profiles default to 1/8th) will be fine

    Either 1/8th
    SW5 ON
    SW6 ON
    SW7 OFF
    SW8 ON

    Or 1/16th
    SW5 OFF
    SW6 OFF
    SW7 ON
    SW8 ON

    (3A rating is at the 3v coil rating, = 9w per winding x 2 windings = 18w per motor x 4 motors = 72w draw x 60% effiency worst case = 115w+-)
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