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Dewalt DW611 Removable Power Cord

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Brandon Raineri, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Brandon Raineri


    Dec 16, 2015
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    So if your cheap like me, you probably do not have 2 routers. So I decided that I wanted to make my router easily removable from my C-Beam plate maker.

    First thing I did was incorporate thumb screws to the router spindle mount so I do not need tools to remove the router from the mount. The amazon link to what I purchased is below:

    12L14 Steel Thumb Screw, Black Oxide Finish, Knurled Head, Meets DIN 464, Right Hand Threads, Metric: Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

    ** Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that is done to your own router. I am showing this as a guide for someone else to try and accomplish what I have accomplished**

    If you like things tidy, you don't want a 6' power cord draping off to the side of your machine while it is running. So in order to 'clean' up the wiring, I decided the best thing would be to have a power wire for the CNC that will be permanently attached to the CNC and a power cable that I can use for when I am not using the router on my CNC. So I took some measurements and found these connectors on digikey.com that fit perfectly into the existing housing.

    QTY: 1 (Part Number: 7282-2PG-300) Male Panel Receptacle
    QTY: As many cords as you are making (Part Number: SC1263-ND) Female Cord Socket
    QTY: 1 (Part Number: 6295) Receptacle Cover

    There is some soldering to be completed but it was not to difficult. I have only soldered a handful of times and youtube has been my best friend for information.

    First thing to do is to remove the router's top cap in order to gain access to the wiring. There are QTY: 4 screws to be removed using a T20 screw driver bit. The two fine thread screws go to the front (power switch) side of the router and the two coarse thread screws go to the back (power cord) side of the router.

    Next you will need to remove the silver cable clamp by removing the QTY: 2 T15 screws. This will allow you to remove the wiring from the router.

    At this point, I went ahead and cut my existing power wire since I was going to attach the panel connector the the current wiring. At this point, there is pretty much no turning back.

    Next, remove the white wire by loosening the flat head screw terminal with the white wire. The black wire is connected to the power switch with a quick connect terminal. You may need to use a small flat head screw driver to pry the terminal free.

    Once you have removed the wires, you can prep them to be soldered onto the soldering cups of the panel connector. **Remember what color wire goes to which pin number. In my case, I wired black to pin 1 and white to pin 2** You can now route the wiring back and put the panel connector in place. I put the clamp back in place with the existing QTY:2 T15 screws.

    At this point you will place the top cap of the router back in place. It helps to seat the panel connector washer by pushing upwards towards the top cap while the top cap is pushed down. This helps to prevent squishing the rubber washer. Once the top cap is in place, go ahead and replace the QTY: 4 T20 screws being sure to remember where the coarse and fine thread screws go.

    I then placed the cover over receptacle and tightened the nut to hold it in place.

    You will then wire the female side of the connector to your power cable. I found that the largest size wire you can use is ø 0.25". The dewalt power cord is larger so it can be difficult sliding on the back nut of the female connector.

    All in all, I think this will be very useful. I do not believe that this is a heavy duty solution, but it will be good for my application where the router will usually be mounted either on the CNC or a router table.

    If you have any questions please post and I can try my best to answer them.
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  2. GrayUK

    GrayUK Openbuilds Team Elder
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    May 5, 2014
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    Great idea! :thumbsup:
    I reckon DW would be beside themselves if they saw this! :D

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