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Custom Lulzbot AO-101 3d Printer FOR SALE

Discussion in '3D printers' started by Techsavvy34, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. Techsavvy34


    Aug 5, 2014
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    Up for sale is a custom made AO-101 3d printer. It has a 24v heated bed with a sheet of glass w/ PEI that heats up in a couple minutes. It uses the Lulzbot Budaschnozzle 2.0c hotend w/ 0.35mm nozzle. The Z Axis Acme rods are 10mm diameter with a 2mm pitch. This means you can print at any layer height and not have to worry about Z artifacts. The printer has a RAMBO 1.3 electronics board and a 24v 15amp Power Supply. I also extended the Z axis print area by 60mm. The usable Print Area is: 200mm x 190mm x 160mm (7.9in x 7.5in x 6.3in). The rambo board comes with a enclosure that has a usb jack, power switch and connector for the power supply. This printer is about 95% complete. The only thing that have to be done is the stepper motors, hotend, heated bed, and limit switches have to be wired to the rambo board. I was building this as a second/backup 3d printer and never got around to finishing it. My loss is your gain. I will include all the wiring and connectors that is need to finish the build. I will also include wiring diagrams so you know how to wire it and I'll include some filament. I would be willing to finish building it for an extra cost.

    I'm selling it for $600 OBO. If your interested or have questions send me a PM or email me at [email protected].

    I also have a Printrbot Simple w/ the XL upgrade for sale if anybody's interested.

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