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Control hotbed temperature ramp up/down

Discussion in '3D printers' started by Jacques D, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Jacques D

    Jacques D New

    Oct 9, 2016
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    I am thinking of building my very first 3D printer. So I apologize for my lack of knowledge about everything. I am in the process of learning.

    This 3d printer is not the project itself, it will be a tool for a bigger project. It is based on evilc66 design.

    At some point, I will make sure the 3d printer is in a box, with electronic such as board, drivers, and motors outside. The aim is:
    - to be safer for everybody (specifically children),
    - more thermicaly efficient.

    Also, and this is the main reason, I am thinking about using this 3d printer (with the hotbed and the box) as an oven to cure carbon parts (typically 100┬║C). Thing is, if you want good results with carbon parts, you need to control the temperature ramp up, because you want to avoid large temperature differential between the air temperature and the component (that is one of the reason why I won't use my kitchen oven. Plus the fact that it is strictly forbidden by imperial authorities... :))
    Also I may or may not stick the hotbed to a glass sheet (not decided yet). If so, I don't want it to shatter if temperature increases too quickly.

    So I would like to be able to control the temperature ramp up. Any suggestion ? Is a SSR good enough to do that ?

    I am planning on using a RUMBA board.

    Again, I am a beginner, and electronic is not my cup of tea. So I apologize if my questions seem super easy, or my ideas silly.

    Thank you,

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