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Control Box Build - Round 2 of questions

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by iH8vols, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. iH8vols

    iH8vols New

    Dec 4, 2016
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    I've been working on my control box for the past week or so. Making some progress, but I have a few questions now that I've worked on it.

    1. I'm using the 4 Nema 23 High Torque steppers along with the xPro V3. Do I need stepper drivers for this setup? I don't believe I do, but I confused myself over the weekend by watching too many Youtube videos on the setup.
    2. How do I wire the cooling fans? I see the xPro has a 5v slot. However, my fans have 3 wires - red, black and yellow. If I understand correctly, the yellow is the 5v wire. Where do I connect the black and red?
    3. Any recommendations for running the stopper wires from the control box to the cnc? Has anyone used bullet plugs? Any recommendations on a particular brand or model?

    Appreciate all the help!!
  2. Gary Caruso

    Gary Caruso OpenBuilds Volunteer
    Staff Member Moderator Builder

    May 19, 2016
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    For the fan leave the yellow wire off, that is the tach wire (signal), just use the red and black for 12 or 24v depending on the fan you have.
    The xPro has build in drivers, but you will be limited to 2.5A per channel, probably enough in most cases.. go to the xPro product page on openbuilds parts store and look at all the info on the page.
    such as.. :D
    1. What is CNC xPRO · Spark-Concepts/xPRO Wiki · GitHub

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