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Discussion in 'Share Parts' started by Bobnet, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. Bobnet

    Bobnet New

    Dec 4, 2013
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    I've been plugging away at a standard joining plate (and later bracket) library for V-Slot (20), MakerSlide (20), OpenBeam (15), MakerBeam (10), Metric Contraptor and OpenStructures (20).
    It's OpenSCAD and I'll be creating STL's and DXF's. These OX brackets were generated from the library http://www.openbuilds.com/threads/openbuilds-ox-cnc-machine.134/page-28#post-4587.

    Features include, common useful angles (15,30,45,...), the plates are narrow enough to fit between the V's of MakerSlide, OpenRail / MakerSlide V's will not impinge on a butted section (! I'll post photos of features).
    Prototyping plates, the holes are a little smaller than the production plates to allow for self tapping.

    I wanted to ask if anyone has a requirement and the ability to produce; if they wanted to test some sample output (your spec) before I release it to the wild.


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