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Discussion in 'General Talk' started by Neil Scott, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Neil Scott


    Nov 12, 2019
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    Could I have some opinions please on the above machines, I am building a 1075 Lead Screw from Makersupplies in Denmark and I am looking for comments/advice on these two spindles.

    I already have the Makita and its as noisy as hell under load and I have been told that the VFD spindles will work with the new Black Box controller and are a lot less noisy under load.

    I was thinking of using the Makita in a router table and buying a water spindle but I know nothing about these VFD machines.

    I have seen a very good guilde on here about installing one.

    However I have been told though that they are heavy and that this could cause the water spindle mounted on the X axis to be slightly skew or "top heavy" so that the bottom of the bit is not 100% parallel to the work surface and could cause issues. There is also the reliability issue , "german" bearings and getting the correct inverter from HG rather than a clone.

    Has anyone noticed this that this has happened on this spindle or the larger 2.5 kw model and does anyone have any links to video so i can see it operating in a real work scenario as I can't seem to find a decent video on youtube with one attached to a lead screw gantry.

    Would really appreciate some comments and help on putting this to bed please. Thank you all very much.

    Neil Scott, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

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