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Discussion in 'FREEStore' started by Pritesh Patel, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Pritesh Patel


    Jan 17, 2017
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    Hello everyone. Would like to ask for your help in making a very intellectual collage student from a less than low income familys dream come true. This young man has been saving all the money he gets to build a CNC machine for his college Technology coursework project, a person he put his trust in online promised to supply some of the equipment he would need at a very low price. Mathew paid this man all the money by cash transfer and the guys nowhere to be found. Me and a few of my friends are trying to ask for people to help with donations of any unused or spare CNC related equipment, so far We've managed to collect 2 steppermotors and a 24v power supply. Please inbox me if there is any chance you could help. Thanks and appreciate you taking time to read this post.
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