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Calculate Stepper Amps from Power (Watt) specs

Discussion in 'Motors' started by ssszzu, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. ssszzu

    ssszzu New

    Apr 6, 2020
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    Dear Openbuilders, I have a pan tilt head with two nema 17 stepper motors. I like to use them for a differnt porpous. Unfortuntaly they don’t have amps or step° printed on them. The stepper has four cables: A-,A+B-B+. The manual for the pan tilt head gives the motor specs as following:

    Accuracy: 0.0025°
    Motor Power 8-32W
    Operating Voltage 14.8-24V
    Best Load 4kg
    Max Load 8Kg

    So am I correct in proceeding as if the stepper has a 1.333A max rating (32W/24V)?
    Also the accurcy throws me. Assuming there is microsteping factored in. How much steps/rev would that be?


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