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AUTOMATIC LEVELING SYSTEM Idea (for leveling tables)

Discussion in 'Concepts and Ideas' started by M98Ranger, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. M98Ranger

    M98Ranger New

    Jun 30, 2016
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    I just had an idea that I wanted to get out onto the openbuild site to help with the technology. I haven't even looked to see if it has been done before, but redundancy doesn't hurt anything (maybe costs a few bits of server space....sorry admins if this is a previous idea or utilization of technology).

    The idea is using a laser and a laser eye 'sensor' in at least two directions level with the table to level the table in the X and Y.

    Just brainstorming, but if one put two lasers looking across at laser sensors in each corner and used basic 'garage door' safety logic to allow 'THROW an 'OUT OF LEVEL!!' or similar error message when the sensor cannot sense the laser beam, and then have the table autocorrect by having an excentric rotating object on each corner that would move each respective corner up or down depending on the need until it was back ON Level (perhaps you might want to add an override feature for some instances too. Or you could just have it manually set to 'level' the table on demand, with a switch....kind of like hitting the button to open or close a garage door.! thoughts on how to make it work? (not looking for people to shoot down my idea because I already know it will work....but I would like crazy related ideas that might make it better (or better ways to impliment such a system.....haha I already got a name for it.....I will call it an Automatic Leveling System (ALS).

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