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1500x900x75 cnc

Discussion in 'CNC Mills/Routers' started by Slewratesarego, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Slewratesarego

    Slewratesarego Journeyman

    Aug 29, 2014
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    Hi guys, in the process of designing my own CNC machine using openbuilds solid v-wheels,2040, 17mm form ply, 3mm and 6mm aluminium plate.
    I'll post some pictures soon.
    Keen to know what sort of Z travel you guys are building to?
    Currently working on 75mm travel...... Will it be enough? :) only really planning on cutting ply and comp panel.
    Die grinder vs edge trimmer for a spindle?
    What sort of load will a nema 17 handle using the ACME 8mm setup on the Z axis? Panning on running it with a Gecko 540.
    What sort of radial and axial loads can the solid v-wheels take?

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