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Beginner Vacuum Forming Chocolate Molds

  • Machine Type:
    CNC Router
    Roland MDX-40a, Aspire
    Bit or Laser Size:
    3/16” taper ball
    High Density Foam
    3FFBB593-CEFE-465E-A31C-F57B7E8BE4CF.png Another fun project. We received a vacuum former and I have a love for chocolate. I created a “cookie” with a circuit board brain & the college engineering club.

    Vacuum pulled nicely, need to melt some chocolate unfortunately with my sweet tooth, it doesn’t last long enough to cast.


    ED86E503-9340-44E6-B40F-B26EA252922A.jpeg 20627067-5EDF-4EA8-B43D-2059A8754A04.jpeg
    3FFBB593-CEFE-465E-A31C-F57B7E8BE4CF.png 61379A91-0E38-467F-A32C-1CDC023C6276.jpeg ED86E503-9340-44E6-B40F-B26EA252922A.jpeg 20627067-5EDF-4EA8-B43D-2059A8754A04.jpeg

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User Comments

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  1. melt.burn.make
    Cool project! Did you build the vacuum sealer yourself too? Any pictures of finished chocolate?
      MaryD likes this.
    1. eetwidget
      The vacuum former was bought. I’ll take a pic tomorrow. I’ve got DIY ones but this works much better. Haven’t made chocolate yet. Just finished making about a dozen molds. I’ll have chocolate soon.
      eetwidget, Jan 24, 2018
      MaryD likes this.
    2. eetwidget
      Sorry I haven’t taken pictures of our units. Busy & sick. our larger unit is a formech. It works great, highly recommend... at least for the casual thermalformer user! The DIY units are standard MDF construction with shop-vac. DIY works just fine but formech is consistent.
      eetwidget, Jan 28, 2018