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V_rail Racer


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  1. HC.Carbo
    attached .stl files
    (from f360 to stl)
  2. Laleyenda
    This is so awsome :thumbsup: do you have any pictures of your machine??
    1. HC.Carbo
      HC.Carbo, Nov 11, 2018
    2. Laleyenda
      This is proberbly the Best DIY ive seen so far love your two work places one for 3axis and one for 5axis **** good build! was thinking on making my new c beam 5 axis. Love the little machine just need to do a z mod for more height
      Laleyenda, Nov 13, 2018
      HC.Carbo likes this.
    3. HC.Carbo
      under/behind the 3axis place there is a descent 4th axis :)
      the skull on my FB page is made by that :)
      HC.Carbo, Nov 14, 2018
  3. HC.Carbo
    yeah! :D



    1. 20_60_loop.jpg
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
  4. HC.Carbo
    making of :)

      Scotty Orr likes this.
    1. Scotty Orr
      Great video! OK OB, when are we gonna get some curved V-slot?...:D
      Scotty Orr, Aug 5, 2018
      HC.Carbo likes this.
  5. HC.Carbo
    a second try (laptop was overheating ^_^ )

    used multi axis flow for front&back
    sides with a parallel finishing cut
    ob logo on the back



    1. car_ob1.jpg
  6. Ariel Yahni
  7. Mark Carew
    lol this is really cool man! We are going to have to have races here at HQ. Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
  8. Scotty Orr
    Awesome Man!
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