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      Last & final build (i think)

      Using all parts from a CBeam XL +(z = 40cm)
      Aim is to have the ab table for 5 axis and a small place to do simple small cuts (30x40cm)
      When need bigger cuts i can remove the ab table.

      Not yet tested, i a see it now: my x need to be higher (think to ad a cbeam on top +8cm)
      Ad tank to the build name, seems i was not the first one to flip the y gantry :)

      maybe put the sides on top of the gantry plates ?

      how it looks now, (07/18)



      pic of the infamous controller
      3 limit/home switches (took some time to figure out how to home the y) :)


      starting with a small 500w spindle
      printing the motor mount today (53mm)
      53mm CNC Spindle Mounts for C-Beam Extrusion by HC_Carbo

      mounted (hope it turns :D )


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    learning cnc
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