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Beginner V Carving & Dirty Pour

  • Software:
    Machine Time:
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    Acrylic Paint
    PVA Glue
    This one is a follow up on my Dead Star project. The video shows how the painting part is done. I still have a lot to learn.

    Bellow is a small recap on what i did:

    - Vectorized Kylo Ren Helmet
    - Created a Vcarve toolpath in aspire
    - Routed and sanded the surface
    - Added Gesso so it will prevent the MDF to absorb to much paint. Let it rest.
    - Mixed Acrylic paint + PVA glue + Water. Look for heavy cream consistency
    - Mixed all colors in layers into a single cup
    - Drop the cup onto the MDF and rotate to help cover the hole surface

    Its also a good moment to mention that in the video im using "soon" to be released CNC machine designed by @Kyo and will be distributed by Openbuilds in the store. Great design - Great Machine - I LOVE IT

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  1. Tony Fleming
  2. Kaged Creations
  3. MaryD
    Dirty pour looks like a lot of fun.
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