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V-carve Inlay Cutting Board

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds WorkBee
    Vectric V-carve Pro
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Bit or Laser Size:
    10.5 Degree, .5mm Tapered Ball Nose
    Hickory for main board, Purple Heart, Padauck, Walnut, Cherry for inlays.
    This was my 1st attempt at doing a V-carve inlay project and I decided upon a cutting board. This was made as an Christmas present. The main wood for the board is hickory and it is approx 12.5" x 18" x 1.5" in dimension. I usually try to avoid "exotic" woods in my projects but really needed the "color" they often provide. I wasn't sure if my WorkBee would be up to the task. I replaced all the lead screw threaded blocks before starting the project and the machine has minimal backlash. It handled the project like a champ.

    The inlays in this board are fairly deep at around .27 inches. I started the project in V-carve Pro 11.5 but received a number of GRBL errors in the tool path files and dropped back to 11.0 for the build which was problem free. Will need to get with Vectric/Open Build to try to figure out the issue.

    I would definitely rate this project as at least "Advanced Intermediate".

    Thanks for looking!

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User Comments

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  1. Alexander Arvidsson
    Looking fantastic! Any way I could get to peek at your CRV file to learn from your settings...?
  2. Paul Scott
    Wow that turned out fantastic. What technique did you use to get the different colors in the flowers?

    1. GRMark
      They are all different species of wood.
      GRMark, Jan 16, 2023
  3. Rusty Shackleford
    Very nice. No gaps whatsoever.
  4. Giarc
    Beautiful work! I had an issue with Vcarve after updating as well. I believe I uninstalled the openbuilds post processor, redownloaded it at then reinstalled.
    1. GRMark
      Thanks for that advice I will defiantly try that!
      GRMark, Jan 4, 2023
  5. Mark Carew
    That's definitely a great looking first try! Nice job @GRMark
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