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Beginner The Great Sphinx

  • Materials:
    (5) Sheets of Phlatprinted fanfold foam
    (1) Can of dark brown spray paint
    (1) Can of light brown spray paint
    (1) Can of enamel spray paint
    (1) Can of 3M adhesive spray
    (1) 5lb bag of reptile aquarium sand (Comes in different colors @ petsmart)
    (2) 3/8 wood square dowel (Lowes)
    MISSION: Create a model sphinx for the kids school social studies project.

    31285=12708-DSC02431 (Small).JPG 31285=12712-DSC02435 (Small).JPG

    Take part #1 from Sheet 5 and hot glue the wooden alignment dowels in place. I cut mine down to 10" so that I could work with them, and later cut them down even with the foam using a hacksaw.
    Start stacking the pieces from #2 though #38 as shown in the SU file. Leave #39 until last after you cut the wooden down even with the top of #38 you can glue #39 as the last piece to cover the dowel and complete the head and the build portion of the project.
    Another thing to notice is part #24 does not have an alignment dowel and just glue to the center of the body onto #22 when you reach that point.
    The dowel holes are a little tight so it takes a little fussing to line them up, but they make for a great alignment system and I will be using them for future slice form projects like this.
    For painting I set up a fan, and used a light misting of the dark brown first then moved on to the lighter brown. Then we sprayed the entire body with the 3M adhesive and let the kidz go to town covering it with the sand. Dumped the sand and repeated this process until almost the entire bag of sand was gone with the exception of a handful for touch-ups. Covered the entire sphinx with enamel spray several times until the entire can was done.
    This is where I should have stopped it was perfect! but I ended up spray painting the brown over that again and it turned out too dark. So we had to spray the light brown to try and tone it down. All in all the kidz loved it so that's cool! :D
    If you use this project please post your pics!
    Thank you

    31627=12868-sphinx (Small).jpg 31627=12871-sphinx3 (Small).jpg
    31285=12708-DSC02431 (Small).JPG 31285=12712-DSC02435 (Small).JPG 31627=12868-sphinx (Small).jpg 31627=12871-sphinx3 (Small).jpg

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  1. Tony Fleming
    Thanks for sharing!
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