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Intermediate "the Edison Lamp"

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    This project was started as a Christmas present for my brother-in-law then turned into a project that Daniel and myself had to have as well.

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    To start the “Edison Lamp”, I purchased a true 2X6 rough cut piece of Walnut. After running through the planer and brining it down to size, it finished up at 5”X 5” and about 1.86” thick.

    Picked up the hardware and bulbs at the local big box store and Amazon. There is an unlimited combination of styles and finishes that can be purchased to your pleasing.

    I did pick up an antique electric plug and cable for the outlet. The cord was long enough so that I could cut it enough to use the extra for internal wiring. I do not have a picture of the wiring because I had finished it and covered it before I realized I was going to post it here. It is however a pretty simple wiring job.

    Cutting the top two holes in the Walnut as seen in below picture. The first being the hole for the threaded sleeve for the lamp base and the second hole is for the switch shaft.

    View attachment 37166 upload_2019-1-4_15-56-35.jpg

    After these cuts were complete, it was time to flip the walnut base to do the bottom cuts. The first is the pocket for the switch. I must admit it was a bit of a scary moment when the bit was deep in the pocket. I was just sweating hoping that it wasn’t going to go all the way through. It had to cut within .25” of the top of the base. I guess I could have searched out a dimmer switch with a longer mounting shaft but I didn’t. The deeper pocket did allow a nice place to tuck away the wires.

    The wire track was next. It was cut to about .5” into the bottom about .25” from the back of the block and into the switch pocket. Once again this allowed for a nice wire tucking area.

    upload_2019-1-4_15-56-35.jpg View attachment 37167

    Next step was to drill the cord hole in the back of the block entering into the wire track. Picture shows cord installed, but you’ll want to wait until you have applied the finish coat.


    Cutting is complete, time to do the finishing touches on the sanding and clean up. I used a matte clear poly to finish. Apply as many coats to get the desired look. It is fast drying and really gives a neat finish.

    Now its time to wire, which as mentioned above is pretty simple and straightforward. I soldered the wires then used heat shrink to finish it out.


    Last but not least is adding the billiard style green felt to the bottom. And that completes this project. If you decide to make this one or one similar, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.

    Thank you for looking!
    upload_2019-1-4_15-56-35.jpg upload_2019-1-4_15-56-35.jpg upload_2019-1-4_15-56-35.jpg upload_2019-1-4_15-56-35.jpg IMG_4775.JPG 1PM.jpg 4.jpg

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  1. Ariel Yahni
    Simple and beautiful, great job
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