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Intermediate The *almost* Indestructable Cat Scratch Post.

  • Machine Type:
    Other Machine
    Bandsaw, Mig Welder, Grinder
    Machine Time:
    2 hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1.25'' x 1.0625'' x 13' bandsaw or just 0.5'' bandsaw blade
    Feeds & Speeds:
    272 fpm
    1.01 in/min
    Steel tubing - 3.75 inch outside diameter/16 wall thickness, 43.875 inches long.
    3 and 3/4" round stock, cut 1/8 inch.
    1/8"×4.5" cold roll, cut 1 piece 24 inches long, trim corners 45 degrees.
    1/8"×4.5" cold roll cut 2 pieces 9.75 inches long, trim corners on one end 45 degrees (1.5 inch in from both edges on the end)

    Tap the 1st hole 3/8" wide in the tube, 15/16" on center away from the top edge, and chamfer both sides.
    Tap the 2nd hole 3/8" wide in the cap, 9/16" on center away from the outside edge, chamfer both sides.0

    Mat finish black spraypaint or other sealant (held up just fine even after scratching.
    9 to 10 pounds 3/8'' Sisal (Or Manilla Rope)
    Align the holes, weld on the cap and smooth it out.
    Weld the base together on both sides to prevent warping, and of course, grind flat.
    Set the holes off 45 degrees from the legs for symmetry and weld the base on center.
    Mat black paint to finish... dust 1st coat, spray thick second coat.

    Soak 3/8" sisal rope *while on the roll* for a minimum of 30 minutes. You will need about 10 pounds.
    Why do they usually sell sisal or manilla in pounds? I asked myself... Because it is a natural fiber, it is sold by the pound, and original tariffs led it to being more expensive in some areas than others...
    Tape the end of the rope like a shoelace to help feed through the holes. Feed the wet sisal from the side through top first and tie it off, making a knot.
    Then, while still wet, unroll and wrap, pull until taut, pushing each row upward as firm as possible. This part is fairly labor intensive it helps if you can find a friend other then the cat to help (I asked mine politely, but he kept staring at me and plotting my demise).

    As you wrap, water will squeeze out, so put some towels down.

    To tie off the bottom: About 8 rows from the bottom while wrapping create a hanging loop, and pinch with one hand.
    Use your other to continue wrapping over the loop until it secures and continue the wrap to the bottom.
    Use the loop as the second rope with which to tie the sisal together at the bottom (as shown in the materials.

    Spray with liquid catnip (or poison, whichever you prefer).
    The cats like the tassle at the top, so I suggest keeping it
    2f6erwtwfe5y (4).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (3).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (2).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (4).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (3).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (2).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (5).jpg 2f6erwtwfe5y (6).jpg

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  1. chrisvallot
    Ok this is an awesome project but am I the only one that needs to see more cat pictures of them using it????
  2. Mark Carew
    Well done! Looks like kitty likes to climb it all the way to the top too :D
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