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Sun Symbol Of Palenque

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    CMS IntelliCAD, Cambam, etc.
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    My hobby is re-creating Aztec and Mayan Glyphs. I redraw each design in CAD, then output for engraving. The OpenBuilds will be my second cnc router I have built. My first was the ShapeOko, which I scaled up to 1 meter x 1 meter. This was not meeting my needs and luckily OpenBuilds offered the lead screw driven machine. Now in process to complete the LEAD1515 build.

    1st Step - recreating this Mayan Glyph in CAD, then will scale to fit the 6' x 9' section between my garage doors. 2nd Step - editing the design, joining polylines to create a single tool path where applicable. 3rd Step - selecting a material - will need to decide on scaling design to fit within the engraving envelope of the 1515 machine or break up design into sections to re-assemble after engraving.

    01-27-2022 - Finished the re-creating of this design in CAD, spent about 4 months and mucho time in coffee shops to complete this task - now will begin the 2nd step of joining polylines to create the tool paths in CamBam. The OpenBuilds 1515 is 50% complete - waiting for warm days or the arrival of wood stove to heat garage to complete this part of the process. I have attached an image of what I am imagining for the final result. Will update once I ready to select material.

    03-04-2022 - Completed the build on the 1515 and now confirming my CAD/CAM process integrates with OpenBuilds Control - some minor tweaking of the default post processor - all working good. Now working to reduce the number of individual entities in the design - began with approx. 5,000 - now at about 2,500 after joining as many polylines as possible - hope to reduce the number to below 1,500. My choice of material will be engleman spruce, this material is readily available directly from the lumber mill at various widths and thicknesses with reasonable prices. Attached the test of the Mayan Glyph for the star, Venus.

    06-04-2022 - Running a little behind schedule - I am installing the electrical in my garage/shop. Plan to have a separate circuit for the router/spindle and another circuit for the BlackBox. I have attached some example of past projects using my old ShapeOko - just to provide an idea of what I plan to create - only on a larger scale with this new machine. I plan to use a v-bit with a 22 degree included angle - where various depths of cut will yield various line widths. I have the lumber and hope to start assembling this large panel soon. I also plan to have breadboard ends on this large panel to help maintain stability.

    09-21-2022 - Just an update - finally finished the large panel. The Spruce from the lumber mill did not work out as anticipated - to many knots and most of the 11 inch wide planks split in the middle after allowing material to stabilize in my garage after milling to size, therefore, I secured some Douglas Fir and had better results after milling to size and gluing together the 48" x 84" panel. Now the task is to trim panel to size - some minor sanding to approximate a level surface - confirm location of registration pins and location of hold down locations. I will engrave some test pieces to confirm my depth of cut settings in relation to cut width.
    Sun Symbol.jpg Sun_Symbol_Layout.JPG 20220302_123009 (2).jpg 20220301_170105.jpg 20220522_191922.jpg 20220522_192029.jpg 20220921_104022.jpg 20220906_160039.jpg

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  1. Mark Carew
    Thanks for the update
  2. WilliamK
    Looking forward to how this works. Let us know the path you take to render to the size you need. Excellent drawing.
      Mark Carew likes this.
  3. Mark Carew
    This is going to be a fun project to follow, please keep us updated with pics and thanks for sharing
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