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Intermediate Stow And Go Workbench

  • Software:
    Use Fusion 360 or other CAD/CAM
    Machine Time:
    2 hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    2560 mm/minute at 3mm DOC (you can probably be more aggressive on the DOC)
    3/4" Plywood
    IMG_20171202_165541[1].jpg IMG_20171126_180327[1].jpg
    IMG_20171126_180327[1].jpg IMG_20171202_165541[1].jpg IMG_20171202_165548[1].jpg

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  1. MaryD
    Cool idea
      Spiffcow likes this.
  2. Spiffcow
    The worktable in the pictures had zero tolerance for the tabs, and required sanding before everything would fit. I have fixed this in the step files, adding a 0.3mm tolerance on all sides of the tabs to alleviate this problem.
      LeRequin likes this.
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