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Stenciling V-carve & Paint

  • Software:
    Vectric V-Carve
    Machine Time:
    30 Minutes
    Bit or Laser Size:
    V-bit 1/2" 90 Degree
    Feeds & Speeds:
    100 IPM
    Wood, Oracal Oramask 813, paint
    I just thought I would do a quick and painless how-to on masking/ painting signs using Oramask 813 by Oracal.

    I made a quick example using V-Carve with some text and I imported a bitmap. This is only 6" x 2" In size which shows how good this stuff works.

    Sign vcarve.JPG

    I used a 6' x 2" x .25" piece of poplar wood, and two scrap pieces of Oramask I had left over from another project.


    Just apply the Oramask on the face of the board and smooth out with a squeegee or another block of wood to make sure it is free of air bubbles and stuck down good.

    You can use this stuff over a painted surface also. It's tacky enough to stay put, but not so sticky that it will rip your paint off.

    IMG_20190421_114632186.jpg IMG_20190421_114713064.jpg

    Clamp down to the spoil board, zero your axis, and run your code!


    There were a couple small spots I had to scrape off, but nothing to worry about. Going back over it again would most likely clean everything up nicely. After the carve, take the sign and either spray paint or hand paint the carved area and allow to dry.


    Grab a corner of the film and carefully peel the film off to reveal the nice sharp lines!


    You will need something sharp to get at the little pieces of film left over. I used my pocket knife, but they make picks for this stuff. There was a small gap between the 2 pieces of film I used so a little paint got through. I just wanted to do something quick just to share and maybe help someone out.

    IMG_20190421_114304030.jpg IMG_20190421_114632186.jpg IMG_20190421_114713064.jpg IMG_20190421_115351360.jpg IMG_20190421_120229506.jpg IMG_20190421_120237560.jpg IMG_20190421_120633097.jpg IMG_20190421_120917302.jpg IMG_20190421_121725485.jpg IMG_20190421_122207174.jpg IMG_20190421_122215462.jpg Sign vcarve.JPG

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  1. Mark Carew
    Masking off the area before cutting is a great idea! :thumbsup:
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