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Beginner Snake Puzzle

  • Machine Type:
    CNC Router
    1/4" fanfold foam (used in home construction)
    Hey guyz here is a quick snake puzzle I made from a photo using vector magic: Vector Magic: Convert JPG, PNG images to SVG, EPS, AI vectors

    I used the SketchUp offset tool to bring the gaps of the puzzle pieces back together.
    I have not tried to cut this yet but it should be OK. There are not tabs so you will have to either sandwich two pieces of foam together for a tabless cut or you will need to add them.

    Give vector magic a try its a really nice piece of software to bridge the gap between raster to vector
    Have fun! :good:

    38179=14622-Snake Puzzle (Small).jpg
    38179=14622-Snake Puzzle (Small).jpg 38179=14622-Snake Puzzle (Small)_v1.jpg

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