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Beginner Simple Cnc Probe

  • Machine Type:
    Other Machine
    Large washer.
    3 M5 screws (I used 8mm)
    3 M5 nuts
    Crocodile clip
    I wanted a simple probe set Z height for the CNC. The design goal was to make the simplest probe possible. One key requirement was to have some "give" when the tool touches the probe plate in order to not damage the tool edge.

    The pictures should pretty much explain the concept. The probe rests on the three screw heads. When the probe touches the plate it should do so in the overhanging end. This way, that side can drop when the tool touches it.
    1. Drill 3 holes. Place two of them close to the center but make sure that the of gravity allows for the probe to stand.
    2. Attach screws and nuts.
    3. Do the wiring.
    4. Measure the height of the probe using the most accurate tool at hand. I wrote it down on top of the probe as a reminder.
    I think using a heavier washer would have ben beneficial. Another option is to use a thicker washer and tap the holes.
    IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0469.JPG IMG_0467.JPG

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  1. Andyb2206
    Love this ! How did you wire it in ?
  2. Andreas Bockert
    So far I have manually moved the tool close to the surface (1mm away or so) and then simply used the probe procedure in the software I use (bCNC). This will slowly lower the tool until it touches the surface.

    I've been considering doing the reverse. I.e. lower tool until it touches the surface and have the probe back up until it loses contact. This would have the added benefit of being safe in case of a broken wire or if some part isn't hooked up properly.
  3. Ariel Yahni
    Awesome probe. Whats procedure do you use for probing?