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Intermediate Signage For A Selfcatering Guesthouse In Beaufort-west, Za

  • Software:
    Machine Time:
    Ox 1000x1500
    Bit or Laser Size:
    6mm Single Flute UpCut
    19mm Shutterply, Paint, Hilties for Install, LED Strip and Controller

    A friend of mine runs a little Self-catering cottage here in town (Karoo Heart). He asked me to make him a sign. They already had artwork, so I only did basic CAD work to size it, add screw holes, and split the Heart in two so it would fit onto my CNC (With half-lap joints created using pocket operations). Prepared all the GCODE in OpenBuilds CAM Gcode Creator - Public Beta and streamed to my machine using OpenBuilds Software

    Unfortunately this project isn't going to be one of those "Go and make this one for yourself if you like" - I couldn't post the artwork files as its his property. But this should still inspire you to make something BIG even if your machine is not. With some clever planning, you can cut BIG things! Spread it out over a couple jobs!

    I planned it to fit onto two sheets of 1200x2400mmx19mm Plywood:
    (In reality I used a little more (2.6 sheets), didnt cut the "o"s and heart as planned, see the video)
    IMG_63272 (Medium).png
    albie.png IMG_63272 (Medium).png

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  1. Theresa Rathell
    Love letters and ❤️!
      Peter Van Der Walt likes this.
  2. MFCarew
    Excellent build Peter, thanks for sharing.
  3. MaryD
    Professional results!
  4. Mark Carew
    Great use of an OpenBuilds machine doing a large scale professional job! Thanks for the inspiration and share Peter :thumbsup:
      Peter Van Der Walt likes this.
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