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Advanced Shelter 2.0

  • Machine Type:
    Other Machine
    Vectric Aspire, VCarve Pro, Cut2D Pro
    Other Controller
    Machine Time:
    60 mins >
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Various See Project Files
    This project is courtesy of Bill Young who has designed Shelter 2.0 for those who need it most! There are always people willing to give to those in need during times of tragedy. It’s the way things have always worked with “charity”…someone gives so that someone else can benefit. Shelter 2.0 started out as one of those kinds of givers, thinking that the best way we could help was to give homes to people that had lost theirs. We’re not saying that that’s wrong…that people shouldn’t help others. The more we thought about our particular way of giving, though, the more we realized that raising money and giving away Shelters may not be the best way for us to help in the long run.

    Shelter 2.0 is about sharing designs and ideas. Our designs and cut files are offered to anyone who needs them, or has the desire to help those in need.

    Our Shelters are Digitally Fabricated with local manufacturing in mind. They are designed to help democratize the construction of transitional housing, being built using un-trained labor and as few tools as possible.

    Don't have Vectric software? Don't worry, these files are available to cut on your CNC machine with our free trial software. Simply head over to Free Trial Comparision | Vectric to download a free trial and the free files.


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  1. MaryD
    Love this idea!
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