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Intermediate Rotative Painting Table

  • Materials:
    Iron and MDF
    Simple rotative table for painting
    mesa pintura 5.png mesa pintura.png mesa pintura1.png mesa pintura4.png mesapintura3.png

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  1. Peter Van Der Walt
    Nice project! In the spirit of this section, would you mind posting your Files too!

    Openbuilds.com/Projects is meant as a section to show off Things you can Make but also help others to Make it! As you'd see most of the projects on here as their DXFs or other design files attached too :) Would make it more useful to everyone!
      MFCarew, Balu, MLIC and 1 other person like this.
    1. MLIC
      hoo I see, I don't used files has I draw in my head and then build, but can make them in some vector program like Inkscape, in reality it's not question of show off, thought that if people see could reproduce easily, my bad
      thanks for the tip ;)
      MLIC, May 13, 2019
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