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Rocking Motor (with Dxf Files)

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds WorkBee
    Inkscape / Deskproto 7
    Other Controller
    Machine Time:
    5 hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    3mm downcutter
    Feeds & Speeds:
    1500mm 1.5 doc
    Birch plywood 18mm
    For this project I ordered 3 pieces of 18mm plywood 1220mm by 600mm. All the drawing I did in Inkscape and I use Deskproto to generate the toolpaths. This was a nice project for the little kids here in the neighborhood.
    All the materials did cost me about 60 euro.

    I added the DXF files for those who want to do this rocking motor. Please like my project.
    IMG-20200914-WA0002.jpeg IMG-20200914-WA0004.jpeg

Attached Files:

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User Comments

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  1. Tim Cross
    I only downloaded the files today and haven't cut the project yet
    but I'm confident that the grandkids will love it. Thank you!
    1. A.J.W.E. Klappe
      Hello Tim,

      Thanks for your likes. I made this rocking motor some time ago and it sure was a nice project. I hope your grandchildren will be happy with it. One of my grandsons is also called Tim.
      A.J.W.E. Klappe, Jul 29, 2021
      fredv likes this.
  2. gibson
    love it great work i did the rocking horse ,if i new how to do the dxf files i would but still learning


    1. 20210218_160542.jpg
    1. A.J.W.E. Klappe
      I do my drawing in Inskape and i safe every drawing in both SVG and DXF. That way i can allways alter my drawings.
      A.J.W.E. Klappe, May 2, 2021
      fredv likes this.
  3. Mark Carew
    Thank you!
  4. Mark Carew
    Hi @A.J.W.E. Klappe This would be a great project for the little ones in the family, would you be willing to share the files with us? I would like to take a crack at making one.
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    2. MaryD
      A.J.W.E., you can place the 16 files into a ZIP file and attached that to this project as well. This is a really nice idea. Would make a great gift.
      MaryD, Nov 19, 2020
      Mark Carew likes this.
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