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Intermediate Punisher Skull

  • Machine Type:
    Other Machine
    Laserweb (CNCpro), chilipeppr, vectric aspire , cura , fusion 360
    Machine Time:
    Ox router, smoothie upgraded K40
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" two flute carbide edmill, 1/16 ball nose endmill, 40w laser
    Pine,Luan plywood, alumilite casting resin, 3d printing filiment, 1/8" cast acrylic
    This project involved my different pieces of equipment to achieve the end result but it could all have been done using a cnc router
    I used my laser to cut out the skulls that are seen inside the casting resin they are made out of 1/8" acrylic sheet which could have been on the router with a fine enough bit. I roughed up the skulls with sand paper and applied some mica for color and to ease surface tension.
    The next step was to design a mold. I wanted to see if a 3d printed mold would actually work so I printed it in PLA. The router could have been used for this as well, by cutting the shape and pouring a silicon mold from it. Since this was a one off project I didn't want to invest in making silicon and decided a few Penny's in plastic was a better choice
    IMG_20170724_201824905.jpg IMG_20170726_225417844.jpg
    I wish I would have went and bought a professional mold release. I used liquid silicon spray and Vaseline as a release agent, but I still fought pretty hard to remove the resin from the mold. I ended up breaking the mold away one chunk at a time.
    The frame was routed out using my ox cnc router. I included an offset allowance to the skull shaped pocket to allow for led lights to be inserted. The darker flame inlay wes cut using the laser out of Luan ply wood this was assembled using super glue for the smaller pieces and spray adhesive for the larger flame piece that was designed to be a press fit. This will allow me to replace the LEDs if there is any problems with it. A gloss clear coat was used to finish the entire project

    Here is a video of the project:
    IMG_20170730_162032.jpg IMG_20170729_170509908.jpg IMG_20170726_225417844.jpg IMG_20170724_201824905.jpg IMG_20170725_150115205.jpg

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  1. Mark Carew
    Alex, this is one of the coolest projects I have seen. I love the use of inlays for this project. Really cool stuff brother!
  2. Ariel Yahni
      Alex krause likes this.
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