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Intermediate Planetary Gears

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds CBeam Machine
    Sketchup, SketchUCAM, GRBL-Panel
    Other Controller
    Machine Time:
    about 2 hrs
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" spiral compression, 1/8" O single flute spiral
    Feeds & Speeds:
    16000 rpm (slowest my DW611 can go), 1000 mm/s
    12 mm BB, 4.5 mm Extruded Acrylic
    Planetary Gear set. Here's a detailed write up on it.
    planetary.jpg planetary gears exp 1.png planetary gears exp 2.png
    planetary gears exp 1.png planetary gears exp 2.png planetary.jpg

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User Comments

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  1. Tony Fleming
    Can you upload the files, so I can try to make one myself?
  2. PaulN
    like the design - nice job
  3. Mark Carew
    Nicely done Phil!
  4. phil from seattle
    If you are thinking of building one or something similar, take a look at my blog. I learned a lot in the process and it may help you avoid some of my trial and error.
  5. Jacob Tabor
    Really cool!
      phil from seattle likes this.
  6. Ariel Yahni
    Great job, look so cool I might have to build one.
      phil from seattle likes this.
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