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My First 3d Carving On Lead Cnc

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Machine Time:
    8 Hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8", 1/16"
    Feeds & Speeds:
    800 mm/min, 8000 RPM, 2mm DOC Rough, .5mm DOC Finish
    MDF (It's what I had laying around)
    Since this was my first attempt at carving 3D with the CNC, I thought I'd post the results. Again, this is my first attempt. I've never designed for 3D cutting or attempted to carve someone else's 3D STL. Now that I've done my first, I'll improve the process.

    For a first attempt, I'm actually really impressed with the results. This part has not been cleaned up in any way, except cutting the tabs and a vacuum cleaning. The finish of the part in some areas is surprisingly good. Not so good in other areas. Some things I noticed:

    * The 45deg bevel at the bottom of the "LOVE" is really ragged. If I remember correctly, the cutter was moving the wrong direction over this part. The finish on the other 3 sides of the bevel look very good. I'll have to check the gcode to confirm if the bevel cut was moving the wrong direction.

    * You can probably see in the picture, the thin feature on the L in love broke during vacuuming. I've since gluded the part back on.

    * The bricks are all textured with a dome top. Finish came out great on some bricks, pretty poor on others.

    * The heart is domed as well. The lower finish is great, the part above LOVE is pretty ragged in places. Not sure why.

    * The vertical wall inside the bevel got rubbed pretty bad at intersections with the low part of the brick pattern. If I redesigned it, I would mill this feature in standard 2D for a nice clean wall. Same with the bevel. I have a 45deg router bit that would have done a great job on the bevel.

    * I did cut the part out of the stock material with a standard 2D profile.

    Other than that, I'm really satisfied with the result. I'll do better on my next attempt, and hopefully I'll come up with a more interesting design. It's not my strong skill.

    I've included the STL file for anyone who wants to attempt on their CNC. You'll need 13mm (1/2") stock 110x100mm to cut it.

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  1. Dale Stewart
    Nice work for a first attempt. The MDF may be the cause of the rough surfaces?
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