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Mushroom Man

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    Vectric V-carve Pro, bCNC, Meshmixer
    xPRO Board
    Machine Time:
    6 hours.
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/4" downcut EM, 1mm tapered balnose.
    Feeds & Speeds:
    100 IPM
    Cherry wood, Minwax PolyShades finish.
    I made this one from a leftover piece of thick cherry wood I had saved. It's kinda small compared to most other carvings I've done in the past, but I like it. The wood was almost 2" inches thick, so I was maxing out the bits I have. This particular model is just a piece of another model. I didn't realize that until I seen the full model on the web somewhere. Oh well, I carved it out as is. Here is the file link in case someone wants to give it a shot.
    STL Model for CNC Router Engraver Carving Machine Relief Artcam Aspire Cut3D "Mushroom man" CNC files
    And a link for the full model here: 2 3D STL Models Fungus Tree Forest Decorative Panels for CNC Router Carving Machine Printer Relief Artcam aspire Cut3D









    Carvings, whether they are 30" x 50" or 5" tall are all still very fascinating to me. They basically all start the same way, with a slab of wood. It's like a mysterious box just sitting there, you never know what's inside until you open it up.

    Hope you all like it.
    IMG_20190810_141405686.jpg IMG_20190810_141411564.jpg IMG_20190810_162106462.jpg IMG_20190810_162111432.jpg IMG_20190810_162115690.jpg IMG_20190810_173234885.jpg IMG_20190810_173258620.jpg IMG_20190810_173304894.jpg IMG_20190810_173307451.jpg IMG_20190810_173323930.jpg IMG_20190810_173326258.jpg IMG_20190810_192240754.jpg IMG_20190810_192317788.jpg IMG_20190810_192332133_HDR.jpg

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User Comments

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  1. tazer58

    If you don't mind could you send me a link on where you got the 3d carving file for that. Really like that one and would like to attempt to carve it out myself
      Jack D likes this.
    1. Jack D
      I'll try to find the link, but I most likely got it from Etsy.
      Jack D, Sep 27, 2019
    2. Jack D
  2. Mark Carew
    Jack you have mastered the art of 3D CNC carving! Again amazing work brother thank you for sharing :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
      Jack D likes this.
    1. Jack D
      Thanks Mark. Still much to learn, but I'm getting there! ;-)
      Jack D, Sep 24, 2019
      Mark Carew likes this.
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