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Intermediate Michigan Cutting Board

  • Software:
    vcarve/open builds control
    Machine Time:
    9mins 14 secs
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    100ipm and 2 on dewalt
    1in red oak
    This project was for a customer that wanted a custom cutting board to be the l.p of Michigan and made out of 1 inch red oak. This design was made in vcarve and then milled out on my lead 1010 cnc machine.
    Time for the milling was just around 9 mins and 14 secs. The lead 1010 made some nice chips and had little to no clean up on the edges. The top and bottom are sanded and then i added a cutting board oil to seal everything up. Ill leave the vcarve file on if anyone else would like to cut the model out
    20190412_231831c.jpg 20190412_231839.jpg 20190412_232707.jpg 20190412_232711.jpg 20190412_232715.jpg 20190413_031352.jpg 20190413_031520.jpg 20190413_031529.jpg

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  1. Mark Carew
    Love that 1" thick red oak! Great project man thanks for the details and for sharing
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