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Intermediate Merry Mail

  • Software:
    Machine Time:
    < 1 hour
    Bit or Laser Size:
    0.25" End Mill
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Ply wood
    The Merry Mail project consists of two files – one that is the base (female) part of the sign that contains a pocket to create a border effect and another file that is the female inlay for the merry mail text. Cut the Merry Mail – Male file first – that way you have the male part ready to check the chalkboard fits into the female pocket inlay of the Christmas Countdown File. When cutting the Female Pocket inlay check that the male part fits in snug – if it doesn’t you will need to add/increase the negative allowance to overcut slightly to ensure you have the perfect fit. (Refer to the video for more information on this)

    Note: When creating inlays you need to make sure that you use the same tool for both the Male and Female Parts.

    Once everything is cut – simply paint up the parts, attach the flush mount to the back of the sign, attach some eye hooks to the bottom of the sign, tie in some string and then peg up your cards!

    Here is the video for the Project!

    I have attached a zip file which includes two sets of files to make this super easy to machine. The first set
    contains the vectors and toolpath information ready for you to output the toolpaths, for this option, you will need
    to either own Vectric software or download the FREE trial software, where you will be able to output the gcode
    for this project. You can download the Trial software here.The second set includes the vectors for you to use in your own CAD/CAM software package.

    Happy Making

    NB: If you plan to cut this project please ensure that you recalculate all toolpaths using settings that are safe and appropriate for your machine, the tools you have and the material you are using.

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  1. Beki
    No worries Anthony! I've been meaning to get onto open builds for a while, this is a great sharing platform :)!
      Anthony Bolgar likes this.
  2. Anthony Bolgar
    Thanks for sharing a bunch of your projects Beki.
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