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Intermediate Makersl Brass Fidget

  • Machine Time:
    ~9 Minutes
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" Carbide 4 flute Flat End Mill .375" LOC
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Spindle Speed setting #1 on Dewalt DWP611 (~16,000 RPM)
    Roughing was 0.75mm DOC 100% step-over at 500mm/min.
    Finishing was 4.83mm DOC (full thickness), material removed, .1mm at 200mm/min.
    360 Brass Flat Bar
    I designed this fidget months ago, it was based on an example I saw on Pinterest. It was designed in OnShape, programmed using Fusion 360 and exported to my Mini Mill via the Grbl Panel. I ran this on my Mini Mill in about 9 minutes using the tooling, and speeds & feeds as listed in the description. The machined surfaces came out pretty smooth, very similar to the OB Fidget, I did however decide to polish not only the top & bottom (like the OBF) but the sides & groves as well..."it's a beaut Clark" ;)

    I adjusted the bearing hole diameter on this one, reduced it to 15.8mm, undersized, so I could ream it to insure a proper fit...the finished machined size was 15.75 (not too shabby). I also decided to use tabs this times, although they function as advertised I'm still not a fan. It seems regardless of what material I'm machining or what speeds and feeds I'm using, there is always a small uncut at the points of retract and plunge. If anyone can tell me how to get rid of these I'd love to know!?!?

    Here are a couple photos and another short video...it's a bit better than the OB Fidget vid :p I'll also attach the step file in case anyone wants to give it a try, just remember to adjust the bearing hole size to your liking :cool:


    Spinning VIDEO

    Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 6.27.11 PM.png






    I'll install the bearing and the Chicago Screw Set tomorrow, I'll post photos of the completed toy then...

    All done...spins great for it's size :D


    Here's the Brass Fidget along with another one of my Fidgets, it's made from a Jockey Wheel off a mountain bike derailleur, that is wrapped with bike chain...

    Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 6.27.11 PM.png IMG_4576.jpg IMG_4578.jpg IMG_4579.jpg IMG_4574.jpg IMG_4572.jpg IMG_0287.JPG IMG_0288.JPG

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  1. David the swarfer
    by the way, last week I made improvements to the GRBL post processor for Fusion and Stroom kindly merged it with his.
    GitHub - Strooom/GRBL-Post-Processor: Start

    This outputs the correct G54 when there is no origin selected in the drawing (discovered because I did not know how to select the origin, yet) and also outputs an extra digit of precision for all arc commands.
    This prevents round off error (radii do not match) for small arcs and is how I solved it in SketchUcam.
      Sonny Lowe likes this.
    1. Sonny Lowe
      Okay, this is interesting!!! I'm just using whatever Gbrl post processor that came already loaded in Fusion...I'll look into loading this new one, although I might need some help if i can't figure it out ;-)
      Sonny Lowe, Apr 28, 2017
    2. Sonny Lowe
      Well that was actually pretty easy (if it works). Now i see both the f360-easel and OpenbuildsGRBL port processors, which one are you using??

      Thank again,
      Sonny Lowe, Apr 28, 2017
    3. David the swarfer
      The one I worked on is the OpenbuildsGRBL.cps
      David the swarfer, Apr 28, 2017
      Sonny Lowe likes this.
  2. David the swarfer
    nicely done.
    my feedrate calculator shows you could have gone a bit faster (just for interest, not being critical)
    640mm/min at 1 thou per tooth depth of cut at 16000rpm.

    you can also try doing a finish pass with climb cutting turned on. so leave .5 to 1 thou and let the finish pass get it, but with higher spindle rpm. you may not need to polish it (-:

    I must make some fidgets....
      Sonny Lowe likes this.
    1. Sonny Lowe
      Thanks for all the info...

      I ran the OB fidget at 600, it seemed a bit fast although it did cut **** well. I'm curious, which feed rate calculator are you using? I can't seem to find one I like (trust ;-)

      I already added another finishing pass to program, hope to run it tonight, I'll try the climb cutting as well, I think both will help tremendously :)

      The fidgets are great fun, you should definitely make a few :)
      Sonny Lowe, Apr 28, 2017
      David the swarfer likes this.
    2. David the swarfer
      I am using my own calculator I wrote in the year dot. It gives a range of values for SFM/material and then you specify tooth count and cut per tooth and it gives you feedrates. http://swarfer.co.za/lathe/speed.php
      Not the most complete calculator, if you want that then you need the G-wizard from http://www.cnccookbook.com/ that is the most complete one I have seen.
      David the swarfer, Apr 28, 2017
      Sonny Lowe likes this.
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