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Beginner Magnetic Bait Cutting Board For Hobie Kayak 8" Hatch

  • Software:
    CAD - Fusion 360 / CAM - Estlcam
    Machine Time:
    Less than 10 minutes with tool changes
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8 (3.175mm) two straight flute cutter and an 82 degree coutersink bit.
    Feeds & Speeds:
    2500 mm/min
    When fishing for salmon, I routinely use frozen "cut-plug" herring of anchovies for bait. Cut plugging is removing the head from the rest of the body with a 45 degree cut and 45 degree bevel.
    This causes the bait to do a floppy roll through the water adding flash and a wounded bait fish appearance.

    In the past, I used the surface of my front hatch for an improvised cutting board. It worked, but it did a lot of cosmetic damage. So once again, I came up with an invention only I will probably ever need and it really isn't necessary for me either. But hey, I have to justify all the money I spent on my CNC router. :thumbsup: Also, making stuff is fun! Here is the drawing done in Fusion 360:

    Like the rod holder mount I did earlier, I made a template with the pen holder so I can minimize HDPE waste. For this particular project, I wanted it easily removable and I did not want to drill any holes. I am no naval architect, but from my limited knowledge, the less holes in a boat the better. Therefore, I got 8 neodymium magnets - 4 for the cutting board and 4 for inside the hatch. I cut out and pocketed the cutting board and pressed in the magnets.
    DSC_0015.JPG The following short video shows the build, and how it attaches to the hatch.
    upload_2018-11-17_20-58-49.png DSC_0015.JPG Drawing.png

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  1. ImAPilotICanFly
    well done man! looks legit!
    1. Giarc
      Thanks! Sadly they shut down the salmon season here early and ocean conditions with 30 foot waves every 17 seconds have prevented me from really giving it a good trial.
      Giarc, Dec 20, 2018
  2. Mark Carew
    Nice one Giarc Another problem solved with the help of the CNC! :) Thank your for sharing
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