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Beginner Laser Engraved Chopping Board

  • Machine Type:
    Laser / Plasma
    Illustrator / LaserWeb4
    Machine Time:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    100 mm/s / 100% Power
    Bamboo chopping board
    Had this bamboo chopping board that looked very boring. Now that i have my ACRO Laser System courtesy of the great guys at Openbuilds so it made sense to personalize it a little.

    Went to the internet, found some conversion values and:

    - Created a vector file on Illustrator
    - Exported it as PNG
    - Opened LaserWeb4, added the file and created and raster operation
    - Selected 100% power and 100 mm/s as my speed
    - Aligned the board
    - Press Play and wait

    After that i sanded it with a 600 grit sandpaper and added a foodsafe sealer.

    I have attached the vector file if anyone wants to make something similar

    20170910_122009.jpg 20170910_121935.jpg

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  1. Mark Carew
    Great idea and a super useful tool! Thank you for the share
  2. MaryD
    Ariel that looks really nice. This would make a great gift.