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Beginner Laptop Stand

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    Fusion 360, Ikscape
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Machine Time:
    ca. 20 min
    Bit or Laser Size:
    DeWalt D26200, BIT 3mm
    Feeds & Speeds:
    2400 mm/min
    In our workshop, we create many different things on OpenBuilds milling machines.
    Some of them are tests for customers and others are ideas that often arise late at night.
    This time we decided to design a stand for the latop, which can be set in a vertical and horizontal position.

    DIY-laptop-stand — kopia.png

    The materials we used to make the stand:

    ☑ 10mm MDF board (here we recommend a stiffer material like a piece of wood or a thicker plastic board. We will use MDF here because it is a good material for milling especially for a novice user ... in one word he forgives a lot)
    ☑ 2 x V-SLOT 2020 aluminum profile, 37 cm long
    ☑ 4 x Low profile screew M5 x 20mm

    Device and accessories for making the stand:

    ☑ LEAD CNC 1010 or Milling machine with working area of min. 300 x 300 mm - w
    ☑ 3mm BIT
    ☑ screwdriver
    ☑ M5 Lowproile
    ☑ Sandpaper
    ☑ knife
    ☑ Imbus

    Of course, every laptop is different (it has other dimensions) so based on our project, it's worth checking if your equipment will fit and possibly change the design to suit it to suit your needs.


    Main milling settings:

    - 3mm BIT
    - DeWalt D26200 spindle set at low speed (1) ~ 16,000 rpm
    - Speed: 2400 mm / min (you can easily set this speed at high speed factor)
    - DOC: 2.5-3mm
    - Point 0 for the X / Y / Z axis is the bottom left edge of our material

    IMG_20200422_115445.jpg IMG_20200422_115518.jpg

    DIY-laptop-stand — kopia.png DIY-laptop-stand.png IMG_20200422_113502.jpg IMG_20200422_115445.jpg IMG_20200422_115518.jpg

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  1. Batcrave
    I can't imagine the MDF would hold up very well against a heavy-handed typist, but that design would look absolutely gorgeous with the arms done in black anodized aluminum... or maybe even red, to contrast with the black v-slot.

    [edit: or, the more I think about it, just in raw aluminum with the plain extrusions]

    (Speaking of which... maybe we need red extrusions. How 'bout it, Mark?)

    (ooo... or an OpenAnodizeIt kit!)
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