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Beginner Infinity Mirror

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    V-Carve Desktop, and OpenBuilds Control Software
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Machine Time:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    .50" 90 Degree V-Bit
    Feeds & Speeds:
    OpenBuilds Cast Acrylic

    This was a really cool and easy project to create and we hope this inspires the community to create something even more epic!

    The start of this project was simple! We just hit 10K followers on Instagram, so we thought we would make a cool project incorporating the IG Logo. Here are the vectors that were created in Adobe Illustrator (these can also be created in V-Carve Desktop) it really comes down to personal preference.

    Bringing the vectors over to V-Carve Desktop, it was now time to set up the dimensions of the job as well as the text element. The job was centered in the material for ease of manufacturing.

    example.PNG Here is the tooling that was used as well as the speeds and feeds. Just copy down these settings if you are looking for the same result.

    IMG_20190923_153636699_PORTRAIT.jpg This project consisted of 3 pieces of Clear OpenBuilds Cast Acrylic. The first piece was milled with the V-Bit engraving and placed in the middle of the 20X60 V-Slot. The second piece was painted with this cool "Looking Glass" spray paint (which worked great) this was used as the back piece of the infinity mirror. The third piece was tinted with a two way mirror tint ( the visible side obviously facing the viewers direction) and this was placed first in the V-Slot frame.

    IMG_20190923_154000907.jpg This is a better view of the painted acrylic. It really came out great! Links for all of the supplies with be provided.

    This is the one way mirror tint that was used on the acrylic piece that was used first in the V-Slot frame. Some soapy water was used to keep the surface slick while the tint was placed and squeegeed. The excess was then cut off the edges of the piece.

    new 2.PNG
    The frame was built next which consisted of 4 pieces of Black 20x60 V-Slot, 8 90 Degree Makerlinks, and Spool of LED Lights. The Makerlinks definitely came in handy for this build!

    new 3.PNG
    The LED strip was ran through the middle slot of the 20X60 only (to highlight the engraved piece of acrylic).

    This is the finished project!

    The effect is amazing! Hope everyone enjoys this project! Make sure to leave comments below if you have any questions!
    IMG_20191011_130747049_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20190923_154000907.jpg IMG_20191011_130936059_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20191011_130747049_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20191007_123351174.jpg IMG_20191007_124532723_PORTRAIT.jpg

    Capture.PNG IMG_20191011_130747049_PORTRAIT.jpg Capture_1.PNG example.PNG IMG_20190923_153636699_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20190923_154000907.jpg New.PNG new 2.PNG new 3.PNG IMG_20191011_130936059_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20191011_130747049_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20191007_123351174.jpg IMG_20191007_124532723_PORTRAIT.jpg

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  1. Jacob Tabor
    Wow that looks like something I need to build right now, just missing the 10000 followers lol Great job guys!
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