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Intermediate Harry Potter "elder Wand"

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    Fusion360 and Openbuilds Control
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Pine for wand, Bois d'Arc and Mesquite for stand
    Found the source files for Fusion360 via a youtube video link. Two sided cut (my first). Very well done file by the author (if people want it, I can upload it and look for the video link). Would love to say I modeled it but I did not - the author did a really good job though. I customized the very end of the wand by making a bulbous cavity and gluing in a gem from the hobby store. Made the stand for it out of a piece of Bois d'arc tree (Osage Orange) I harvested from the neighbors yard. The actual thorns holding it up are Mesquite tree thorns (they will really, really hurt you). Did the stand engraving by first clearing the flat spot with Openbuilds CAM pocket cutting, then F-Engrave for the lettering. Downloaded a Harry Potter-esque font that worked great (you will have to tinker with the kerning, etc to get the effects you want). 20190712_134844.jpg 20190714_152945.jpg 20190714_152933.jpg 20190714_152928.jpg IMG_4530.jpg
    20190712_134844.jpg 20190714_152945.jpg 20190714_152933.jpg 20190714_152928.jpg IMG_4530.jpg

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  1. Brauneld
    How do I get this awesome file?
  2. Joe D
    I would LOVE to get the files for this project, I use Vectric Aspire. I have been looking for them but as yet have not been able to find anything compatible.
  3. Mark Carew
    Skillz man! Nice idea for 2 sided and adding in gem in the back adds class, Great job @RoosterTX thank you for sharing
  4. MaryD
    Amazing outcome. Smart design.
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