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Beginner Han Solo 3d Carving

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    V-Carve Desktop, and OpenBuilds Control Software
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Machine Time:
    8 hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    .25" End Mill, .25" Ball Nose (6" shank for High Z Mod)
    Feeds & Speeds:
    75 IPM
    6" FOAM
    This project was so much fun! The High Z Mod for the LEAD CNC gave us the capabilities to mill out this large 6" 3D carving of Han Solo!
    Long Reach Bits:
    End Mill (Roughing and clear out bit)
    * YG-1 - 55901 E5065 Carbide Square Nose End Mill, Extra Long Reach https://amzn.to/36JN1f7
    Ball Nose (3D carving)
    * YG-1 - 52901 E5018 Carbide Ball Nose End Mill, Extra Long Reach https://amzn.to/3pVUvTY

    thingaverse solo.PNG
    We started by finding a really cool model on Thingiverse. Definitely a great place to find some cool 3D models!

    Vectric Solo.PNG We brought the model into V-Carve Desktop and scaled it down to the desired dimensions. (24" Length, 12" Width)

    Z height.PNG
    The model height was set at 4.75".

    Tool Path roughing.PNG
    Here is the roughing tool path that was used for this project. The pass per depth was gauged by the material, since we were using foam we were able to increase the depth per pass to 1".

    Finishing Tool Path.PNG
    This is the finishing tool path which also uses the same pass per depth, but the stepover was at 10% for a more detailed finish.

    Profile Tool Path.PNG
    Lastly, the profile tool path was set!

    Finished preview.PNG
    This was the finished preview of the model after all the tool paths were set!

    We used 3 pieces of 2" foam glued together to create this 6" piece! The material was mounted to the spoiler board and it was time for the roughing tool path!

    The roughing tool path!

    Starting to take shape!

    The finishing tool path! The detail of this project is truly incredible!

    20191105_121738.jpg This is the finished project after painting! The detail in this carving was super impressive and the High Z Mod made the scale of this project possible!

    20191105_121738.jpg 20191105_121825.jpg Vectric Solo.PNG thingaverse solo.PNG Z height.PNG Tool Path roughing.PNG Finishing Tool Path.PNG Profile Tool Path.PNG Finished preview.PNG IMG_20190726_104436039_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20190725_154504416_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20190726_112848531_PORTRAIT.jpg IMG_20190729_125854241_PORTRAIT.jpg

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  1. Giarc
    Quick question: How did you paint the foam, was there a coating that was placed on it first that hardened it to strengthen it, or just painted.

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