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Beginner Geometric Trivet

  • Software:
    Aspire / Laserweb4
    Machine Time:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    V 60 bit
    Feeds & Speeds:
    3/4" pine

    This project is about putting some nice looking pieces at our dinner table when serving from hot plates.

    Its fairly easy to make:
    - Download or draw a shape ( make sure is a vector )
    - Create a vector toolpath on your favorite cam software. I used aspire here
    - Press play and carve.

    A few things to consider:
    When doing hotplate you want heat to have a was to get out so make sure your design has some openings on the sides.

    ** Not sure pine is the best for this purpose, ill find out soon.

    If you make one on these go ahead and share it bellow :)
    Pine Trivet.jpg

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  1. NotAClue
    I'm subbed. =)
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
  2. Award
    Thanks you very much for posting this - I really like the pattern so I scaled it up and used it on the lid of plywood box I made.

    Trivit.JPG Box.JPG
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
    1. Ariel Yahni
      Wow great job, looks awesome
      Ariel Yahni, Mar 22, 2019
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